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E-learning courses provided in SAWICH aims to help international students who will study or have been studying in China to command the basic Chinese knowledge. All SAWICH VIPs can enjoy it for free. Courses are divided into 5 parts based on course difficulty, HSK Oral Chinese, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese Characters, Situational Dialogues and Chinese Abroad. Students can learn as their own willingness, while it is suggested to learn from the beginner level to advanced level.

Knowing basic Chinese will help international students adapt to new environment in China with ease. As a language spoken by the largest number of people in the world and one of the working language in the United Nations, it is getting more and more necessary to study this old language. As a future elite, it is also a must to command it except for English.

SAWICH team hope the courses will relieve your worries of learning Chinese and prepare yourself well before coming to China!

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